Skyrocketing cost of living. Homelessness. Fires shutting off the lights. FBI raids at City Hall.

And what is Mayor Eric Garcetti focused on? New taxes on working Angelenos who can least afford it.

Now Mayor Garcetti is back for more with new plans that would increase utility costs by thousands of dollars and eliminate natural gas, which keeps the lights on in homes and hospitals during emergencies

Garcetti’s so-called “Green New Deal” for Los Angeles is a bad deal for LA’s working families.

Replacement of middle-class unionized utility and energy wrokers

with temporary, minimum wage jobs.

Utility rate

and appliance replacement expenses costing LA homeowners and working families up to $10,000.

Increased transportation costs

as local oil production decreases while "congestion pricing" and gas prices increase.

Continued lack of housing affordability,

exacerbating LA's homelessness crisis and making housing less accessible.

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